How to measure head for motorcycle helmet

We all know the importance of motorcycle helmet. The helmet is the most common and effective safety measure for a motorcyclist or cyclist. This helps you to stay protected from a fatal accident that may happen to your head. Head injuries are most of the time will be fatal. The helmet that you wear is supposed to break when your head hits the road and save your head from injuries. When you invest on a motorcycle helmet you should be careful. The helmet you select should be of good quality and more importantly, it should provide the needed protection.

the right motorcycle helmet size

Before going for shopping you have to measure your head’s size and according to that, you have to select the model. In short, you have to buy a best fitting helmet that has high safety rating. Be ready to spend some extra money on this accessory since this is the matter of safety. Determining the safety rating is easy because that is predetermined by organizations, however, the fit depends on the size and shape of the rider’s head. Here in this article, we will guide you on measuring your head to decide on the motorcycle helmet you need to buy.

Well, there are three phases for measuring your head to determine the size of the helmet. If the helmet is smaller than your head then it will be uncomfortable and if you have a bigger helmet it cannot give the needed protection (At the time of an accident the helmet may come off the head). We have a few tip here, but you need to read the tips of eBay about how to measure head for motorcycle helmet.


The first thing you have to do is measure your head size so that you can select the correct fitting helmet for you. For this, you will need a measuring tape. You can even use a string to take the measurement and carry it to the shop. Keep the tape about 1 centimeter above the ears and eyebrows because that is the longest measurement around your head. This value is called circumference and you should measure it in centimeters.

Determine the size

Once you have measured the circumference of your head you can find out the size of your helmet. This varies from country to country. But there is a universal size chart that you can get from the internet to know what should be your helmet size. If the measurement is 52 cms it is considered as xx-small and if the size is 64 cms that helmet is considered as xx-large. In between these two you have 5 other measurements.

Check whether it is fitting

Deciding the size is not enough to decide the correct helmet for your head. You have to try it on before buying it. You can decide this by the way it sits on your cheeks. The pads at the inner sides of the helmet will be pressing on the cheeks. When you try the new helmet you may feel little compression from the lining and padding. This is normal because after some time this will reduce. The best fitting helmet should not be uncomfortable but should fit correctly on your head.


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